Student Academic & Financial Affairs Committee


March 14, 2006


Meeting Minutes


Present: Greg Corso (Psych), Cheryl Gaimon (Mgt),  Patty Sobecky (Biol), Reta Pikowsky (Registrar), Chris Skipweth (UG student rep), Charles Simons (UG student rep),  Ed Omiecinski (CoC) Chair 


Absent:  Mo Li (MSE), Linda Cabot (OIT)     


1.      The meeting was called to order by Ed Omiecinski at 11am, in the J.S. Coon building, room 150.


2.      The minutes from the February meeting were distributed and approved by the committee.


3.      The focus of the meeting was a discussion of what the committee could become involved with to improve the academic experience of students. Some of the topics included the following:  


            -  course scheduling

            -  course transfer guidelines

            -  student advising 

            -  providing a PDF version of Oscar


4.      The next meeting is scheduled for April 11, 2006.


5.      The meeting was adjourned at 12pm.