December 5, 2000


TO: Edward Thomas, Secretary to the Faculty

FROM: Deborah G. Johnson, Chair, Student Regulations Committee


During the past six months, the Student Regulations Committee has taken the following actions:

In June, the Student Regulations Committee reviewed a request from the Registrar to allow students to withdraw completely without penalty through the 9th week of a semester and through the 6th week of the Summer term, addressing a change in Federal Government policy relating to refunds of Title IV money. We recommended this change and it was approved by the Executive Board.

In September, the Committee reviewed and recommended a change in the Rules and Regulations to make email the official point of contact for students and requiring them to check their email account daily. This recommendation was approved though we will review it next year.

Since September, we reviewed and approved a change in the Undergraduate Admission Policy for Transfer Students and a multitude of changes in the text for the 2001-2003 Georgia Tech catalogue. These items will be submitted for approval by the Faculty Senate at the first meeting of 2001.