Student Academic & Financial Affairs Committee

Annual Report


December 6, 2000


Committee Members: Kimberly Kurtis, William Johnson, Miroslav Begovic, David Collard, Scott Wills, Frank Roper/Jo McIver, Scott Friedman, Alicia Hodler, Chris Martin, Nicholas Parks, Narayan Jayaraman (Exec. Bd. Liaison)


The Student Academic & Financial Affairs Committee has been charged to give oversight to several activities at the Institute including academic advising, academic standing, financial aid, undergraduate student admission and readmission, orientation programs, and counseling services. In addition to these responsibilities, the Committee also approves all intercollegiate schedules and functions of the Institute for which excused absences from classes for the students involved are to be granted.

This Committee did not meet during 1999-2000. The Registrar handled the responsibility of approving schedules and excused absences.

The areas of responsibilities for this Committee are important and there has been interest expressed by the newly elected members to make this an active and productive committee.