Student Regulation Committee


September 7, 2000


Members Present: Doug Allen (Arch, Exec. Board Liaison), Kent Barefield (Chem), Richard Barke (Public Policy), Paul Benkeser (Chair/BMED), Deborah Johnson (Public Policy), Janise McNair (SGA/G Student), Barbara Walker (Library) and Lee Wilcox (VPSA)

Members Absent: William Bullock (Arch), SGA/U Student Representative and Jo McIver (Registrar)

Visitors: Morris Power (Post Office) and Rich Steele (Student Center)


  1. Deborah Johnson was elected chair of the Committee.
  2. Rich Steele presented a proposed change in the Rules and Regulations to make e-mail the official point of contact. After a brief discussion the committee unanimously recommended approval of the following changes to the Rules and Regulations (deletions, additions):

III.A. Notices. All students will be required to have a box in the post office of the Georgia Institute of Technology, which will be their official school address, and they are expected to check this box each school day. All students will have an e-mail account through the Georgia Institute of Technology which will be their official point of contact, and they are expected to check this account each school day. Students are also expected to be aware of the contents of individual notices placed in the post office box and that appear on the Student Access System or electronic mail, as well as general notices that appear in The Technique.