Student Activities Committee


August 26, 1999


Members Present: Brent Carter (MSE, Chair), Mary-Frances Panettiere (Library), Art Koblasz (ECE); Karen Boyd (Representing Gail DiSabatino (VPSA)); Jim Gole (PHYS); Caroline Clower (Grad Rep); Divya Gupta (UG Rep)

Members Absent: Gail DiSabatino (VPSA; Steven Mclaughlin (ECE)

Visitors: Courtney Wiles (VPSA); Alex Shkirenko (VPSA)


 Meeting called to order by Brent Carter, Chair, at 11:07 a.m.

  1. Announcements: 
  2. Karen Boyd-Student Organizations Advisor search update: 16 applications; the search committee meets next week. Alex is working part-time in the Student Organization office and Courtney Wiles is the interim Student Organization Advisor.

  3. Approval of Minutes:

Motion: Karen Boyd: Pass the minutes with the Student Organizations Advisor checking the notes for the vote of Cricket Club and Army ROTC.

Second: Mary-Frances Panettiere

Passed: Unanimously

3. New Business

Elect New Chair

Motion: Brent Carter nominates Mary-Frances Panettiere as committee Chair

Second: Art Koblasz

Passed: Unanimously

Appoint Secretary

Motion: Mary-Frances Panettiere appoints Gail DiSabatino as Secretary

Second: Brent Carter

4. Constitution Approval Process

Motion: Brent Carter moved that all constitutions to be reviewed by SAC members will be divided amongst members. Committee member will report to the committee recommending whether or not to approve the constitution.

Second: Art Koblasz

Passed: Unanimously

5. Other Business

Mary-Frances Panettiere SAC 1998-99 Year End Report page 2, change name from Don Franks to Don Frank.

Faculty Advisors must review all constitutional changes

Motion: Karen Boyd moved that the JCOC chair and Student Government representatives attend the next SAC meeting to discuss changes that require the Faculty Advisor to review and sign any changes to the organizationís constitution

Second: Caroline Clower

Passed: Unanimously

6. Meeting adjourned at 12:20 p.m.