Student Activities Committee


March 13, 2000


Members Present: Mary-Frances Panettiere (Library, Chair); Gail DiSabatino (VPSA); Brent Carter (MSE); Patricia Wild (Grad Stu Rep); Steve McLaughlin (ECE); Sarah Jackson (UG Stu Rep); Pat Johnston (for Art Koblasz)

Members Absent: James Gole (Phys), Jo McIver (Reg), Art Koblasz (ECE)

Visitors: Danielle McDonald (Stu Org Adv); Ross Dreher (SGA Joint Campus Orgs Chair); Holly Hancock (Human Factors and Ergonomics); Jerry Reeves (Future Wreck); Terence Haran (Eng'g Adv Council); Nick Lalwani (UG Stu Council SGA); Charlotte Conrad (Equestrian Club)


The Student Activities Committee meeting was called to order by Mary-Frances Panettiere, Chair at 2:00 p.m.

  1. Approval of minutes
  2. -Brent Carters name was misspelled and Art Koblasz needs to be taken off the visitors list

    Gail DiSabatino moved and Mary-Frances Panettiere seconded the motion to accept the minutes with revisions.

    Unanimously approved

  3. Announcements and Reports

-The SGA budget was approved

-Discussion about what to do with the constitutions that needed to be revised because of semester conversion and new JCOC guidelines.

Patricia Wild motioned to have 2 people look at each constitution. There should be teams of two looking at the same constitutions. Then they would be brought before the committee as a slate.

Brent Carter seconded the motion

Gail DiSabatino called the question

Unanimously approved

3. Old Business

a. Organizations denied charter at previous meetings, seeking approval

Human Factors and Ergonomics was missing a section and changes needed approved by the National organization

Brent Carter moved and Patricia Wild seconded to send a motion to refer the constitution back to JCOC.

Unanimously approved.

b. Organizations tabled from previous meetings, seeking approval

Equestrian club minor changes were needed

Gail DiSabatino moved and Patricia Wild seconded a motion to approve as amended

Unanimously approved

Undergraduate Student Council

Gail DiSabatino moved and Brent Carter seconded a motion to approve this amended constitution

Unanimously approved

  1. New business

a. Organizations Requesting Charters

Future Wrek concerns about how officers were picked

Gail DiSabatino motioned and Brent Carter seconded to send the constitution back to JCOC

Unanimously approved

Engineering Advisory Council

Brent Carter motioned and Patricia Wild seconded to approve this charter.

Unanimously approved

5. Meeting ended at 3:00 p.m.