Student Activities Committee


February 1, 2000 Revised


Members Present: Mary-Frances Panettiere (Library, Chair); Brent Carter (MSE); Patricia Wild (Grad Stu Rep); Steve McLaughlin (ECE); Jill Pollyniak (UG Stu Rep); Sarah Jackson (UG Stu Rep)

Members Absent: James Gole (PHYS); Gail DiSabatino (VPSA); Jo McIver (REG); Art Koblasz (ECE)

Visitors: Danielle McDonald (Student Organization Advisor, voting for Gail DiSabatino); Vyrena Wyvill (Lifelink); Alster Manly (Running Wreck); Michael Mohseni (T-Book)

The Student Activities Committee meeting was called to order by Mary-Frances Panettiere, Chairman at 3:05 p.m.

  1. There were no minutes from the last meeting to approve.
  2. Old Business 
  3. LifeLink – Some minor changes needed to be done to constitution.

    Danielle McDonald asked if we could approve organizations with changes if changes are minor and don’t change the functioning of an organization. The Student Organizations Office would be responsible for monitoring this.

    Steve McLaughlin motioned we classify it "approved as amended"

    Unanimously approved.

    Brent Carter moved and Mary-Frances Panettiere seconded a motion to approve the charter as amended.

    Unanimously approved.

    Undergraduate Student Government

    -Questions were raised about whether the constitution was voted on by the student body and whether GT could be in the name. There were also some grammatical errors.

    Jill Polyniak moved and Patricia Wild seconded a motion to table the approval of the charter of USG. (No rep was present and there were questions) 

    Unanimously approved

    Running Wreck

    Mary-Frances Panettiere motioned and Brent Carter seconded a motion to approve the charter with amendments.

    Unanimously approved


    Rosemary Wells (advisor to Pub Board) was brought in to answer questions.

    Jill Pollyniak motioned and Sarah Jackson seconded the motion to approve T-Book as amended

    Unanimously Approved

  4. Other Business

The Budget Review Committee will consist of Mary-Frances Panettiere, Brent Carter, Steve McLaughlin, Jill Pollyniak, Sarah Jackson, and Patricia Wild. The Joint Finance Committee will present the budget to this committee when it is approved by SGA.

Danielle McDonald requested confirmation that her information on who was on the Student Activities Committee is correct. Pat Johnston will be the faculty member substituting for Art Koblasz while he is away this semester. 

Next Meeting: Jill Pollyniak recommended we schedule a meeting when there are 5 charters ready to be presented.                  

Unanimously approved.

5. Brent Carter motioned and Mary-Frances Panettiere seconded a motion to adjourn at 4:30 p.m.