Statutes Committee Meeting


Tuesday, January 22, 2002



Members Present: Marc Smith, Anne Salter, Sandra Corse



1.  The committee read and approved, with minor changes, the minutes from the last meeting. 


2.  Sandra Corse then reported on the Executive Board meeting November 27 at which our proposals for the Undergraduate Curriculum Committee and the Graduate Committee were considered.  The Statutes Committee submitted wording as agreed in our November 12 meeting and by email following that meeting, including an alternative proposal for determining the make-up of these two committees, a proposal which omitted the numerical details.  The Executive Board considered the alternate form briefly, then discussed as the final wording, that detailed in the Statutes Committee minutes of November 12.  After discussion, the Executive Board voted to recommend that the Statutes Committee forward that wording to the Faculty Senate for a first reading at their meeting on February 5.


3.  The Committee then considered a request to add the Registrar as a voting member of the Student Regulations Committee.  The following change was approved unanimously:  The Student Regulations Committee shall consist of four members of the Corps of Instruction, elected from the Academic Faculty, two administrators elected from the Academic Faculty, two undergraduate students with at least junior standing elected by the Student Council, and one graduate student elected by the Graduate Student Senate.  The Registrar shall serve as an ex-officio voting member and as Secretary of the Committee.  The Chair shall be elected annually by the Committee from among the elected Corps of Instruction members.  [Omit: The Secretary shall be appointed by the Chair from among the other members.]  The Administrator in charge of student affairs shall be an ex-officio member without voting rights.


4.  The Statutes Committee then turned to the standing request from the Executive Board that we revise and collate recent changes in the Statutes and Bylaws in order to reduce or eliminate redundancy and improve coherence.  The committee agreed to consider these changes carefully and to be prepared at the next meeting to offer suggestions as to what changes we might propose.  The chair will then discuss these proposed changes with Edward Thomas, Bob McMath, and others as necessary to determine their feasibility or desirability.  Once we are assured that the proposed changes will be useful, the Statutes Committee will develop new wording as necessary to incorporate these changes.


5.  The next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, February 5, 2002.



Respectfully submitted,

Sandra Corse