Statutes Committee Annual Report

for the Academic Year 1999-2000

Presented to the General Faculty Assembly

October 9, 2000

Committee Chair: Marc K. Smith


  1. The committee considered the parking statute proposal presented to the Statutes Committee by Professor Mark Spearman, Chair of the Welfare and Security Committee at the Feb. 2, 1999 GFA meeting. After much discussion with people from Legal Affairs, Auxiliary Services, and with Prof. Spearman, two statutory amendments were drafted that did not violate any laws of the State of Georgia or statutes of the BOR or of Georgia Tech. After further discussion, the Statutes Committee voted not to recommend these amendments for approval by the General Faculty. The amendments and our recommendation were brought before the General Faculty for two readings. The amendments were not approved.
  2. The Statutes Committee worked with the Student Activities Committee to show them that the current Statutes of Georgia Tech give them the power to create a standing subcommittee to carry out their statutory tasks as they have been doing.
  3. The Statutes committee authored an amendment to the Statutes to accompany the Institute's proposed Policy on Extension of the Probationary Period for Tenure at the request of Prof. S. Abdel-Khalik. The amendment was presented to the Executive Board and approved by a unanimous vote. The amendment was then approved by the General Faculty after two readings.
  4. Prof. Edward Thomas' proposal to eliminate the use of specific titles for administrators in lieu of generic titles in the Statutes and Bylaws was considered and approved by the General Faculty after two readings.
  5. An amendment proposed by Prof. M. Smith allowing for the substitution of another administrator for one specifically named by the Statutes and Bylaws to serve on the General Faculty Assembly, the Academic Senate, or on an Institute committee was approved by the Statutes committee. It was then approved by the General Faculty after two readings.
  6. The committee started discussions on certain aspects of the representation and election procedures related to service on the General Faculty Assembly, the Academic Senate, and the Executive Board that were highlighted by the "Report to the Executive Board by the ad-hoc 'Committee on Election Procedures'," that was submitted to the Executive Board on August 3, 1999. After some discussion, the Statutes committee decided to consider rewriting the Statutes to more clearly define representative units, sub-units, and voting eligibility via these units. This proposal will be part of the workload for the Statutes Committee for the Academic Year 2000-2001.