Statutes Committee Meeting Minutes— February 28, 2012, 7:30 am

In attendance: Tucker Balch, Jeanne Balsam, Bryan Church, John Stein, and Mary Ann Ingram (Executive Board liaison)

Absent: Samuel Graham, Hunter Hammond


Jeanne Balsam called the meeting to order at 7:37.


Meeting minutes from February 22, 2012 were reviewed, modified, and approved.

The committee quickly got to work reviewing the Task Force Handbook (TFHB) with the current Faculty Handbook.  The comparison table for TFHB Section 3 was reviewed and discussed.  The committee will continue with the Section 3 review at the next meeting.

There was some discussion about information that is Statutes and By-laws.  Committee believes this should be maintained and wonders if the Statutes and By-Laws could be combined and handled as one. 

Action item (Jeanne Balsam):  Communicate with Mia Reini, Director of Compliance and Policy Management and with Ron Bohlander, Secretary of the Faculty.  Obtain definition for Statute and By-law.  Determine pros/cons of combining Statutes and By-laws in the TFHB.

Next meeting: Tuesday, March 13th, 7:30 am, Centennial Research Building conference room 403.


The meeting adjourned at 9:40 am.