Statutes Committee Meeting Minutes— February 7, 2014, 10:00 am


Attended: Jeanne Balsam, Bryan Church, Chris James, Joe Hughes, John Stein, and Justin Eisenberg (Student Representative)


Absent: Tucker Balch (Ex. Board liaison)



Jeanne Balsam called the meeting to order at 10:00 am


MINUTES: The committee approved the minutes for January 9 and January 29.


SUBCOMMITTEE ON FACULTY DEFINITION:  Jeanne informed the committee that the Executive Board has placed this on the agenda for the February 18th meeting of the General Faculty.  She requested that everyone attend the meeting.

·         WEBSITE ( Jeanne showed the website for the Draft 2014 Faculty Handbook.  It includes a preamble, FAQs, background information, and a feedback button.  She said there would be an announcement in the Whistle and Daily Digest.  

·         GENERAL FACULTY PRESENTATION: Jeanne shared the draft presentation for February 18th and discussed the recent changes with Administrative Officers.  The group had a discussion about the proposed institute policy and made a suggestion that it was not clear if the policy was always the job title designated as an Administrative Officer or sometimes an individual that is an Administrative Officer.  Jeanne will share this with the subcommittee.

TIMELINE: Jeanne shared the plans to present the recommended changes to the General Faculty on February 18th and April 22nd for approval. 


STANDING COMMITTEE REVIEW SURVEY: The committee completed the survey together.  The committee AGREES the membership for the Statutes Committee is accurate and the charge is clear.  Jeanne will return the survey.


Next meeting: Friday, March 7, 10:00 am. CRB 403


The meeting adjourned at ~11:10 am