Statutes Committee Meeting Minutesó email Jan 10, 2013

Meeting conducted via email sent January 10, 2014


From: Balsam, Jeanne
Sent: Friday, January 10, 2014 12:55 PM
To: Balsam, Jeanne; Bryan Church; James, Chris; Joe Hughes; 'John Stein'; Julia Whitfield; Justin Eisenberg; Tucker Balch
Subject: Statutes Committee - requested review and vote

As discussed in the meeting, I am sending you a copy of the Draft 2014 Faculty Handbook that has the proposed changes for Faculty Definition and Faculty Governance.  Recommended changes are highlighted in gray and when needed a footnote has been added to explain a change.  Please review and vote by Thursday, January 23rd.

VOTE for or against presenting the Draft 2014 Faculty Handbook to the General Faculty.

Please let me know if you have questions or suggestions.

Thank you,




Voting: Jeanne Balsam, Bryan Church, Chris James, Joe Hughes, John Stein, and Justin Eisenberg (Student Representative)

Non-voting members: Tucker Balch (Ex. Board liaison)


Votes were received via email through Jan. 27th.† The vote was unanimous with 6 yes votes to present the Draft 2014 Faculty Handbook to the General Faculty.


Next meeting: Friday, February 7, 10:00 am. CRB 403