Statutes Committee Meeting Minutesó January 7, 2013, 3:00 pm


Attended: Jeanne Balsam, Tucker Balch, Nicholas Robson (student representative), Kevin Wozniak (Executive Board liaison)

Absent: Bryan Church, Samuel Graham, John Stein


Jeanne Balsam called the meeting to order at 3:15 pm.


MINUTES: Meeting minutes from December 3rd will be approved at the next meeting.

FACULTY HANDBOOK OVERHAUL: Jeanne responded to the concern expressed from the December meeting.† She shared that she had communicated with Ron Bohlander and Carole Moore and that the Statutes Committee does have responsibility to address needs for the Faculty Handbook and the conversion plan for Sections 28-57 was needed in order to present a complete Draft 2013 Faculty Handbook.† She shared the Comparison Guide that compares the sections of the current Faculty Handbook with the corresponding section in the Draft 2013 Faculty Handbook. Jeanne showed the committee the Draft 2013 Faculty Handbook website with a link to the January 2013 Faculty Handbook, a link to the Comparison Guide, a link to provide feedback, and a Background Document.† The committee discussed the plan for Town Hall meetings and presentation to the General Faculty.

TOWN HALL MEETINGS: In addition to the website, there will be Town Hall meetings to obtain faculty feedback prior to a presentation and vote from the General Faculty.† John and Bryan both suggested that with faculty schedules it would be best to select two different times of day and a Monday/Wednesday/Friday and a Tuesday/Thursday.† Jeanne said she would schedule the Town Hall meetings and make sure they were announced in the Whistle and the Daily Digest.


Next meeting: Monday, February 4, at 3 pm.


The meeting adjourned at 4:00 PM