Statutes Committee

Minutes of February 10, 2004



Members Present: Ron Bohlander - GTRI (Chair), Russell Gentry - Arch (Exec. Bd. Liaison), George Johnston - Arch, Jonathan Moore OTL, Tim Strike - GTRI

Members Absent: Jim Cofer - GTRI


Vacancy: Student representative

Visitors: Joseph Hoey, Director of Assessment

1.       Ron Bohlander, Chair, called the meeting to order at 10:00 a.m. in Centennial Research Building room 503.

2.       The minutes were approved of the Jan. 20, 2004 meeting.

3.       Since the last meeting of the Statutes Committee, George Johnston, Russell Gentry, and Joseph Hoey reviewed the 1/20/04 draft of proposed improvements for the Faculty Handbook that respond to needs identified by the SACS Compliance Group. Johnson, Gentry, and Hoey sent their comments and suggestions to Ron Bohlander, and he prepared a new draft dated 2/10/04 based on these comments.

4.       The committee went over the comments and suggestions from Johnston, Gentry, and Hoey and the new draft Handbook changes.

5.       The following adjustments were agreed and Ron Bohlander took the action to implement them:

6.       Ron reported that he had checked and all known obsolete references to the BOR manual have been dealt with in our latest draft.. The Committee discussed and agreed that they would defer further consideration of how to deal with BOR references in the Handbook and would take this up in relation to future improvements of the format of the Faculty handbook.

7.       The Committee did not set a date for its next meeting at this time. Ron will be in touch as needs unfold.

8.       The meeting was adjourned at 11:00 a.m.



Respectfully submitted on August 16, 2004,

Ron Bohlander, Chair, 2003-04