Statutes Committee Meeting Minutes-- Nov. 10, 2010 2:30pm


In attendance: Jeanne Balsam, Samuel Graham, Mary Ann Ingram, and Ty Herrington, chair


Item 1- Discussed the reach of Statutes Committee review and the need to focus on questions regarding whether submissions are consistent with statutes and bylaws. Discussed findings resulting from review of the task force version of the Faculty Handbook.  One finding regarding the task force version, and probably any document that attempts to collect all related text into one section for clarity and the convenience of the reader, is that the ability to tell what is a Statute and what is a Bylaw is lost. The committee noted the difficulty of making absolute determinations of a document of its size without a side-by-side comparison of changes. Noted that some portions could be considered inconsistent with current statutes but that difficulty in assessment made it problematic to make absolute conclusions.


Resulting conclusion was a stated need for submission requirements for changes to language in statutes and bylaws. Noted the need for a side-by-side comparison structure, provision of strike-outs for deleted text and bold for inserted text.


Item 2- Discussed the need to retain the current Handbook to review and respond to changes submitted from other committees. Discussed the fact that requests to the Statutes Committee have been received and have been put on the side-burner until decisions about the task force handbook could be evaluated.  The Committee decided that these requests needed to be addressed in a more timely manner and have to be assessed against the current Handbook.


Item 3- Based on the assumption that we would move forward with the current version of the Handbook, discussed the Grievance Committee's changes to the Handbook language and concluded that changes should be incorporated, conditional upon a change to the language providing that "appropriate status" in section 14.3.3 would be defined as "equal rank and higher."


Item 4- Briefly discussed earlier assessments of Facilities Free Speech submissions, noting deficiencies and noted need for further, closer review.


Item 5- Discussed Statutes Committee duties and responsibilities, goals, and roles in faculty governance.


Item 6- Discussed the need to vote to publish the materials referenced by url on the cover of the current Faculty Handbook and remove the notation that the material has been adopted but not published.