Statutes Committee

Minutes of 30 October 2007



Members Present: Timothy Strike – GTRI, Carol Colatrella – LCC, Paul Griffin – ISyE (2006-2007 Chair), TyAnna Herrington – LCC, David White – CC


Members Absent: Ed Price – IMTC (Exec. Bd. Liaison), Nick Wellkamp – student member


Visitors: Brian Tyson – student representing Nick Wellkamp



1.                  Timothy Strike called the meeting to order at 9:00 a.m. in Centennial Research Building, Room 403.


2.                  Committee members unanimously approved the minutes of the 4 September 2007 meeting.


3.                  The committee then discussed four items identified as issues for the Statutes Committee. 


a.       The first item is the change in the handbook to incorporate changes based on the new Student Code of Conduct. At the last meeting Paul Griffin and TyAnna Herrington had agreed to develop a draft of the changes for the Statutes Committee to review and present to the Executive Board.  This effort was put on hold and now has been revived and the Executive Board wants a proposal by its meeting in November.  Tim will work with Paul and TyAnna to get this done and Tim will present to the board.  The suggested change will be distributed to the committee via email and agreement reached in that fashion as there is not time for scheduling a meeting.

b.      The second item is the Use of Facilities Document.  One member of the Statutes Committee is to be present when the document is presented to various student groups.  Tim Strike has been interacting with the task force and the document is still in development.  It appears that there will be several meetings of the impacted organizations at Georgia Tech before the document will be released and that will be some time in the future.  No action for the Statutes Committee at this time.

c.       The third item was a discussion about the FSGC task group and a heads up that in the future the Statutes Committee will be given a proposed change to the handbook to be evaluated and put forward to the Executive Board.

d.      The fourth item was a discussion about the working group that Andy Smith has put together to go through and “fix” the Faculty Handbook.  Monique Tavares is heavily involved/leading that effort and Tim Strike is staying in touch with her about the changes.  Initially the work group are going through Sections 1-16 to clean up grammar, errors in fact, and highlight areas that are unclear.  They are also keeping track of the policies that would need a separate revision/rewrite, such as PPR, P&T, etc.  The plan is that the task force would submit a word document to the Statutes Committee with the suggested changes they have made and the Statutes Committee would review/approve and then present to the Executive Board.


4.                  Another issue discussed was the various impacts to the committee members attending meetings.  It was decided that we would do as much as we could via email with changes to the handbook voted on via email.  Tim Strike will coordinate and handle the email communications.

5.                  The meeting was adjourned at 9:55 a.m.



Respectfully submitted on 30 November 2007

Tim Strike, Chair, 2007-2008