Statutes Committee Meeting Minutes — via email April 15, 2011 and April 20, 2011


Jeanne Balsam, Acting Chair of the Statutes Committee conducted Statutes business via email on Friday April 15, 2011 and Wednesday April 20, 2011.


Email sent to: Jeanne Balsam, Samuel Graham, Ty Herrington, Brooke McDaniel, Jud Ready, John Stein, and Mary Ann Ingram (Executive Board liaison)


 The content of two emails:


April 15, 2011 email:


From: Balsam, Jeanne
Sent: Friday, April 15, 2011 9:33 AM
To: Balsam, Jeanne; 'Brooke McDaniel'; 'John Stein'; 'Mary Ann Ingram'; Ready, Jud; 'Samuel Graham'; 'Ty Herrington'
Cc: Bohlander, Ron
Subject: Statutes - vote needed


Statutes Committee


We have been asked to look at the Policies on Discipline and Removal of Faculty Members because our policy is in conflict with the Board of Regents policies.  This was discussed at the Executive Board meeting on April 5th where they voted to have this reviewed by the Statutes Committee and presented to the Faculty at the April 26th meeting for a 1st reading. 


The first attachment is President Peterson’s memo to the executive board.  The second attachment is a comparison of the Faculty Handbook between the current handbook and the proposed modifications.  The recommended modifications have had a legal review by Pat McKenna and Kate Wasch.


Please review this, let me know if you have any questions, concerns, or recommendations, and vote.


VOTE NEEDED: Should the recommended modifications concerning the Policies on Discipline and Removal be presented to the General Faculty?


Please vote by close of business on Tuesday, April 19th.


Thank you,





April 20, 2011 EMAIL:


From: Balsam, Jeanne
Sent: Wednesday, April 20, 2011 8:26 AM
To: Balsam, Jeanne; Brooke McDaniel; 'John Stein'; 'Mary Ann Ingram'; Ready, Jud; 'Samuel Graham'; 'Ty Herrington'
Cc: Bohlander, Ron
Subject: Policies on Discipline and Removal - Statutes Vote


Statutes Committee,


Thank you for reviewing the proposed changes concerning the Policies on Discipline and Removal.

The Statutes Committee voted via email to have the Policies on Discipline and Removal presented to the General Faculty.


YES – 6

NO – 0


The Faculty Meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, April 26, 2011 at 3 pm in the Student Center Theater.  Three items on the agenda are a result of this Statutes Committee hard work. 

The items are proposed changes for the Faculty Handbook:

Section 47, Facilities Use policies and procedures

Section 14.3.3, Formulation of a Formal Hearing Committee

Section 5.10 and 17.3.2 concerning Discipline and Removal


The agenda for the Faculty meeting can be found at this link:  


Thank you,