Statutes Committee Meeting Minutes — via email April 1, 2011 and April 4, 2011


Jeanne Balsam, Acting Chair of the Statutes Committee conducted Statutes business via email on Friday April 1, 2011 and Monday April 4, 2011.


Email sent to: Jeanne Balsam, Brooke McDaniel, John Stein, Jud Ready, Samuel Graham, Ty Herrington, Mary Ann Ingram (Executive Board liaison)


 The content of two emails:


APRIL 1, 2011 EMAIL:


We have a meeting scheduled for April 5th at 9 am.  We may be able to cancel the meeting, if we can address one vote via email.


At our last meeting, the proposed Facilities Use Policy was presented.

At this time, it has been updated to address our suggestions and questions.  It has also been presented to the Rules and Regulation Committee (March 31). 

It will be presented this Tuesday, April 5th, to the Executive Board and is on the agenda for the Faculty meeting on Tuesday, April 26th.


ACTION ITEM: Vote for or against the proposed policy to be presented to the General Faculty.

I have attached the current draft of the Facilities Use Policy and Campus Use Procedures.  I have reviewed it and am comfortable that our suggestions have been addressed.  

Please review this to see if any issues or concerns you had have been addressed.


Please vote by noon on Monday.


April 4, 2011 EMAIL:


Cancel the meeting for tomorrow: Tuesday, April 5th


Freedom of Expression Policy and Campus Use Procedures:

This is being presented tomorrow to the Executive Board.   Hopefully, they will vote to send this to the Faculty at the April 26th meeting.

Thank you for the 4 votes all for sending the proposed policy to the Faculty on April 26th.


After we get through this Section 47 update to the Faculty Handbook, the next item will probably be for Section 23, Periodic Review Policy.  We will want to look at input from the Faculty Status and Grievance Committee, the Task Force proposed handbook, and the BOR policy.


I will keep you posted about our progress and next steps.



One additional vote was received via email.


The Statutes Committee voted via email to have the Freedom of Expression Policy and Campus Use Procedures presented to the General Faculty.

Vote: 5 yes, 0 no, (1 member did not respond)