Statutes Committee Meeting Minutes— March 1, 2011, 8:35 am


In attendance: John Stein, Brooke McDaniel, and Jeanne Balsam Acting Chair,

Guests: (Facilities Use Committee) - William Schafer, Vice President for Student Affairs; Gary Wolovick, Managing Attorney; Howard Wertheimer, Director, Capital Planning & Space Management



The main purpose of the meeting was to discuss the recommendation for an updated Facilities Use Policy and Campus Use Procedures (FUPCUP).  William Schafer, Gary Wolovick, and Howard Wertheimer attended the meeting to provide background and history behind the needs for updating the Facilities Use Policy.  The recommended changes are written to be more comprehensive, legally sound, and address the way we currently function on campus.


After the background information was presented, there was discussion about some of the recommendations and questions the Statutes Committee provided in December. 


There was additional discussion about the proposed policy and its definition of a standing committee on the Use of Institute Facilities: is there an existing Standing Committee that could handle the needs, could the current Events and Logistics Committee be used, or could another “regular” committee be established.  The committee needs to be an appeals committee and be able to meet quickly in order to hear appeals within 7 business days from a filed appeal.


Discussed location of the FUPCUP in the Faculty Handbook, everyone needs to be able to know where to locate this information.  Students may not know to look in the Faculty Handbook for this general campus policy. GT may need a Policy Manual.


John Stein suggested that the new FUPCUP may need to go in front of the Rules and Regulations.


A path and timeline was discussed that would support addressing the current suggestions and would allow for a presentation to the Executive Board on April 5, 2011 with a goal of being on the agenda for the Faculty meeting scheduled for April 26, 2011.


Action Items:

  1. William Schafer, Gary Wolovick, Howard Wertheimer (Facilities Policy Committee) - will rework the first section, Policy on Freedom of Expression, and incorporate some suggestions from the Statutes Committee and suggested wording supplied by Ty Herrington.  They will supply this back to the Statutes Committee for review and comment.
  2. Statutes Committee – will look at the most recent draft (dated 2.25.11) that incorporated responses to the December suggestions from the Statutes Committee.  They will look at everything except the Policy section.  This review will be to see how the recommended changes were handled, see if there are any concerns that still need to be addressed, and see if there are new issues, suggestions, or questions.  Complete and supply comments back to Facilities Policy committee by Tuesday, March 8th.
  3. Jeanne Balsam – inquire about options for committees.  Provide information back to Facilities Policy committee for them to consider.
  4. Facilities Policy Committee – determine if the FUPCUP needs to go before the Rules and Regulation committee.


Jeanne Balsam gave a status of current items:

    1. Jeanne met with Ron Bohlander, Secretary of the Faculty, to get direction for items still on the Statutes Committee’s action list and for getting the current Faculty Handbook implemented using Drupal.
    2. Student IP Rights – Jeanne invited to attend upcoming meeting in preparation for the Statutes Committee to review for the Faculty Handbook.
    3. Faculty Status and Grievance – February 15th faculty meeting approved changes to section 14.3.3.  The change from 24 to 25 individuals in the selection pool needs to be modified in order to keep the elimination process fair.  Also, need to make sure that it agrees with section 5.10 and the BOR policy.  We will try to address for the April 26th Faculty meeting.
    4. Section 23, Periodic Review Policy.  The Statutes Committee approved the few modifications that the FSGC recommended, but need to consider all recommended changes to section 23.  Additional items to consider include the Task Force section 23 and to review the latest Board of Regents policy for compliance.  This is an action item for the Statutes Committee to address soon.


Meeting adjourned at 9:52 am