Statutes Committee Meeting Minutes—February 1, 2011, 9 am


In attendance: Samuel Graham, John Stein, Mary Ann Ingram (Executive Board liaison), and Jeanne Balsam Acting Chair, guest Jeff Steltzer (Director, Conflict of Interest Management)


Jeanne Balsam gave a status of current items:

  1. Facilities Use Policy:  Ty Herrington combined the committees’ questions, concerns, and suggestions into the proposed Facility Use Policy.  This was sent to William Schafer for his committee to consider.  There is no Statutes Committee action needed at this time.  John Stein suggested we contact Bill Schafer and ask for current status (Jeanne to take the action).
  2. Recommended changes from Faculty Status and Grievance Committee (FSGC)
    1. Section 14.3.3, Formulation of a Formal Hearing Committee.  This is on the February 15th agenda of the Faculty Meeting.  The Statutes Committee approved the change to section 14.3.3 with a suggestion to consider using “rank” instead of “status.” This approval and suggestion was forwarded to Paul Neitzel, Chair of the FSGC, for consideration.   Jeanne Balsam sent this to Kate Wasch, Legal Affairs Office, to see if there are any legal issues with the proposed changes.  No action needed from Statutes Committee.
    2. Section 23, Periodic Review Policy.  The Statutes Committee approved the few modifications that the FSGC recommended, but need to consider all recommended changes to section 23.  Additional items to consider include the Task Force section 23 and to review the latest Board of Regents policy for compliance.  This is an action item for the Statutes Committee to address soon.


Jeanne Balsam introduced Jeff Steltzer, Director, Conflict of Interest Management.  He presented and discussed the recommended changes to Section 38, Conflict of Interest.  Mary Ann Ingram suggested we may want information about punishment earlier in the section.  Jeff Steltzer took the recommendation and said he would get the updated COI recommendations to us.  We decided to wait until the COI was updated and then we would vote via email.


Discussed when to have meetings, decision made to meet at 8:30 am on the 1st Tuesday of the month through May 2011 of this semester.


Meeting adjourned at 9:50 am


COI email and vote: On Tuesday, February 01, 2011, the updated COI policy was emailed to the Statutes committee members who voted via email to have the COI Policy presented to the General Faculty.  Vote: 6 yes, 0 no; (Executive Board Liaison does not vote).