Statutes Committee

Annual Report for 2006-2007



Members: Paul Griffin ISyE (Chair), Ed Price IMTC (Exec. Bd. Liaison), Carol Colatrella LCC, TyAnna Herrington LCC, Timothy Strike GTRI, David White CC


During the past year:


1.                  The committee met on 30 August 2006 to consider final drafts of five changes to the Faculty Handbook based on requests received from responsible parties during 2005-2006. The committee adopted final drafts and forwarded them to the Executive Board. These changes were presented to the General Faculty and approved by them in their meetings of October 10 and November 28, 2006, as recorded in the minutes of those meetings.


2.                  The committee met on 13 November 2006 to consider changes to add additional full time professionals to the General Faculty Membership. Consensus could not be reached at this time as the members felt the subject needed to be studied to understand the total impact to the Faculty Handbook.


3.                  After additional study, the Statutes Committee drafted proposed changes to add Athletics Affairs Professionals and Post Doctoral Fellows to membership in the General Faculty. These changes were briefed to the Executive Board and then presented to and adopted by the General Faculty on 27 February 2007 and 1 May 2007.


4.                  No other requests were received or considered by the Statutes Committee during the year. All committee business was completed.



Respectfully submitted on 11 October 2007

Paul Griffin, Chair, 2006-2007