Statutes Committee Annual Report

September 2012 Ė August 2013


Committee Members:

Jeanne Balsam (GTRI), Chair

Tucker Balch (CoC-IC)

Bryan Church (Business)

Sam Graham (ME)

John Stein (Dean of Students)

Nicholas Robson (Student)

Kevin Wozniak (GTRC, Executive Board Liaison)



Open Access

The Open Access Subcommittee of the Academic Services Committee requested the Faculty Handbook be updated to include a policy on Open Access for Publications.† The Statutes Committee reviewed and discussed the recommendation; they approved the Open Access policy be presented to the General Faculty.† This was presented and approved at a meeting of the General Faculty on November 27, 2012 for an effective date of January 1, 2013.† This was added to the January 2013 version of the Faculty Handbook as section 57, Policy on Open Access to Faculty Publications.


Academic Program Review (APR) (Sections 5.6.7, 5.6.8, and 46.1)

The APR Taskforce requested a modification to the Faculty Handbook.† The proposed change was to relieve the Curriculum Committees from the obligation to review and summarize the entire Academic Review reports which often contained information that was not curricular in nature.† The Statutes Committee reviewed and approved the recommended changes.† The recommended modifications were presented at the November 27, 2012 General Faculty meeting and were approved.† The modifications in sections 5.6.7 and 5.6.8 were Statutes and required two readings that were presented at the February 19, 2013 meeting of the General Faculty and were approved.


Revised Format 2013 Faculty Handbook

The Statutes Committee worked for nearly two years to evaluate a request to modify the Faculty Handbook.† The purpose of the revision was to make the Handbook easier to read and use.  Except for a few updates for changes in titles at Georgia Tech, changes in BoR policies, and changes to reflect current practice, the proposed revision would not introduce significant changes in policy. 


At the beginning of the FY2013 year, the Statutes Committee had evaluated the recommended changes and was ready for review and feedback from the General Faculty.† In order to accomplish the sharing, a website was created that provided a background document, link to the active version of the Faculty Handbook (October 2011 version and then updated for the January 2013 version), Comparison Guide, and a link to provide feedback to the Statutes Committee.† Areas of the Handbook that did have notable changes were highlighted with gray shading in the draft Handbook.  Status and a demonstration of the website were given at the November 27 meeting of the General Faculty.† In addition to this website, two Town Hall meetings were provided January 23 and 31, 2013 to detail the revised Handbook and seek faculty feedback.


The recommended changes were implemented in the first 6 sections of the draft Faculty Handbook.† Section 7 was an introduction to Transitional Sections that follow.  These were designated as Transitional Sections because they contained material that was informative but not primarily within the purview of faculty policy and probably belonged elsewhere in the Georgia Tech Policy Library.  Faculty leaders began working with other members of the Policy Library Steering Committee, the Statutes Committee, and the Executive Board to bring these policies up to date and to find the most effective location for them within the Policy Library.  They will not be moved from the Faculty Handbook without approval of the faculty in future meetings.


The General Faculty approved the Revised Handbook in a first reading at the February 19, 2013 meeting of the General Faculty and at the second reading at the meeting on April 23, 2013.†


Subcommittee on Faculty Definition

The Executive Board chartered and charged a subcommittee of the Statutes Committee to develop and refine a plan for revised definition of faculty categories for Georgia Tech based on a recommendation from a Provostís Task Force study. †This subcommittee has representatives from the Executive Board, Statutes Committee, HR, and the Vice Provostís office.† This subcommittee has utilized help from OHR and Institutional Research and Planning (IRP) to review job titles with General Faculty Status. The subcommittee has drafted definitions for Academic Faculty and Research Faculty.† They have begun identifying changes needed to the Faculty Handbook to be consistent with the revised definitions developed and their implications for faculty governance.


2012-13 Annual Report respectfully submitted

Jeanne Balsam, Chair