Statutes Committee Annual Report

September 2011 – August 2012



Committee Members:

Jeanne Balsam (GTRI), Chair

Tucker Balch (CoC-IC)

Bryan Church (Mgt)

Sam Graham (ME)

John Stein (Dean of Students)

Hunter Hammond (Student)

Mary Ann Ingram (ECE, Executive Board Liaison)



Section 5.10– During the Spring of 2011, the Statutes Committee was directed by the Executive Board to look at Section 5.10 (Procedures for Removal of Faculty Members) and

Section 17.3.2 (Grounds for Removal) to bring them into compliance with the Georgia Board of Regents policies concerning dismissal of faculty members.  The Statues Committee identified changes concerning policies and procedures and presented them to the General Faculty on April 26, 2011.  Modifications to section 17.3.2 were approved. Modifications for section 5.10 were approved for a first reading, but since this is a section of the Statutes, Jeanne Balsam presented this for a second reading at the October 4, 2011 meeting of the General Faculty and it was approved.


Faculty Handbook usability improvements -   The Statutes Committee has assisted the Secretary of the Faculty in the evaluation of the Faculty Handbook being implemented in Drupal.  Rollout of the Faculty Handbook was accomplished with a October 2011 version available at


Section 50 Intellectual Property PolicyGTRC brought recommended changes in the Intellectual Property Policy to the Statutes Committee who reviewed and discussed the proposed changes. Feedback was provided to Lauren MacLanahan in GTRC and the committee participated in a discussion of the topic with the Executive Board, Ms. MacLanahan and Ms. Kate Wasch from Legal Affairs. During September, the Statutes Committee reviewed and approved the final recommended changes for Section 50.  The recommended modifications were presented at the October 4, 2011 meeting of the General Faculty and they were approved.


Institute Policy Task Force - formed to review campus policies and determine how policy information could be accessed easier and updated on a regular basis.  Jeanne Balsam, as Chair of the Statutes Committee serves on the committee.  A Policy Library is being formed and the Faculty Handbook will reside within the Policy Library.


Task Force Faculty Handbook

In the fall of 2007, the Senior Vice-Provost Andy Smith chartered a task force to recommend improvements to the Faculty Handbook for usability and readability.  The majority of the year the Statutes Committee worked to make use of the recommendations of this Task Force.  The committee struggled with how to approach such a large overhaul of the Faculty Handbook that effectively took 27 sections and reduced it to 6 sections.  In January, Carole Moore, Assistant Vice-Provost, and member of the Handbook Task Force met with the Statutes Committee and provided history and background information about the charge that was given to them from Gary Schuster and Andy Smith.  She stated that they were to edit for uniform language and organization, eliminate duplicate sections and gather all the information on a topic in one place, reconcile the information with the Board of Regents’ Policy, but otherwise make no policy changes.  Carole was able to provide a cross reference table between the Task Force’s recommendations and the September 2008 edition of the Faculty Handbook which was valuable to the Statutes Committee review.


The Statutes Committee took this large assignment with the goal to review every section of the current Faculty Handbook to compare and verify that the information is included in the Task Force Handbook.  Questions, suggestions, or concerns were discussed and shared with Carole Moore, as representative of the Task Force, and with Ron Bohlander, Secretary of the Faculty, for resolution. 


The committee has reviewed the Task Force Handbook and decided that due to the large structural changes, it would be best to make available the Proposed Faculty Handbook on a website for faculty to review and provide feedback.  This is currently being addressed with a goal to have this site available in October.  The plan is to discuss the proposed changes at a Fall Faculty meeting for the 1st reading and have the 2nd reading in the spring semester.


Conflict of Interest (Section 38):

Jeff Steltzer, Director, Conflict of Interest Management, requested minor changes for Section 38, Conflict of Interest, in order to address changes in federal rules. The Statutes Committee voted and approved these modifications for Section 38 being presented to the Faculty. Mr. Jeff Steltzer presented the information to the meeting of the General Faculty on April 24, 2012 and it was approved with an effective date of August 1, 2012.


Faculty Handbook August 2012 Version

An August 2012 version of the Faculty Handbook was implemented August 1st to incorporate faculty approved modifications for section 38. 




2011-12 Annual Report respectfully submitted

Jeanne Balsam, Chair