October 8, 2001


Members Present: Sandra Corse, Chris Nelson, Anne Salter, Marc Smith, and Gisele Welch


Members absent: Rich Combes


  1. Marc Smith informed the committee about the proposals for changes to the Statutes and Bylaws he had received up to this date. They were as follows:


a.   Revision of the Statutes for the Graduate Curriculum Committee and the Undergraduate Curriculum Committee to include a 6-year review of their respective programs.  Gisele Welch (our Executive Board liaison) told us that the Executive Board had decided on a specific wording for this change. The committee decided to review this wording before we considered this proposal any further. The EB’s suggestion will be forwarded to the committee by the Chair.

b.   Revision of the Statutes to enlarge the Undergraduate Curriculum Committee.

Joseph Hughes, Chair of the Undergraduate Curriculum Committee, has sent a proposal to the Executive Board suggesting a new formula to enlarge the Undergraduate Curriculum Committee. This proposal will be forwarded to the committee by the Chair before any other action is taken.

c.   Revision of Statutes Sec. to remove the charge to the Secretary of the Faculty about sending copies of minutes of Academic Faculty meetings to the Chancellor.  The committee agreed to the following change. The last two sentences of Sec. will be deleted and replaced by: “… Minutes shall be kept by the Secretary and shall be generally distributed and posted, with a copy sent to the Library archives.”

d.   The Faculty Handbook is being revised and compiled into an electronic format under the direction of Vice Provost Robert McMath’s office, with the point-of-contact person being Tabitha Barnett. The Statutes Committee has been asked to examine the Statutes and Bylaws in three ways:


i.    See if we should take out references to GT and/or BOR policies and procedures that are duplicated in other sections of the Handbook.

ii.   Make sure that the split of the Statutes into Statutes and Bylaws was done in a consistent manner. Ed Thomas has noted some inconsistencies and has asked to have them corrected.

iii.                  M. Smith proposed that this would be a convenient time to revise the Statutes and Bylaws to clearly define the rules for membership in the General Faculty, General Faculty Assembly, Academic Faulty, and Academic Senate given the current structure of the Institute.


The committee briefly discussed these ideas and decided to ask Ms. Barnett for copies of the current Faculty Handbook so that we can see what things are duplicated in the Statutes and Bylaws before any other action is taken. M. Smith said he would ask for these copies.


2.   Sandra Corse was elected by unanimous voice vote to serve as the Chair of the Statutes committee for the 2001-2002 Academic Year.

3.   S. Corse said she would examine all of these new proposals and then plan our next meeting and the procedures needed to accomplish these tasks. The committee agreed that Monday at 10:00 am was a good time this semester for any future meetings.

4. The meeting was adjourned at 10:00 am.



Respectfully submitted,

Marc K. Smith

Former Chair of the Statutes Committee

October 16, 2001