Student Regulations Committee

November 16, 2006




Present:            Jeff Streator, Chair; Bill Schafer; Bill Drummond; Mitch Keller, graduate student representative, Ray Vito


Guests:             John Stein, Dean of Students, Erika McGarity OSI-ODOS, 2 assistants from OSI-ODOS.

The meeting convened at 2:10 pm.  The topic of the meeting was discussion of the Code of Conduct revision.

1.      The committee discussed and recommended a large number of small editorial changes involving punctuation, grammar, and consistency of terms.  These were implemented directly into the document during the discussion and are not recorded here.


2.      Other recommended changes of substance are:


p. 1 item 2 d: Georgia Tech should be able to have an attorney present.  Change the item to read “Attorneys at law are not allowed to serve as Advisor to the Complainant or Accuser, unless …


p. 1 item j: The committee recommends deleting item j


p. 2 item v: add “and the supplementary requirements.”


p. 2 item x: may need to specify “degree-granting programs.”


p. 4: add a definition for hazing


p. 5: item d: change “prior to” to “at any point in the student disciplinary process”


p. 5 item 17: add “and/or supplementary requirements.”


p. 5 item 19b:  change request to requests


p. 5 item D 1: change to “30 (Business) days following the discovery of the incident”


p. 6 item e: add “or not later than 48 hours prior to the hearing.”


p. 6 item 5 b 1: take out the sentence listing the sanctions, and in item b 2 as well.


p. 8 item E 1 a: “Disciplinary Warning means that the student has been found responsible …”

            Change other sanction descriptions so each begins “means that the student …”


            p. 9 item d: remove the formal trespass phrase.


      p. 10 item G 1 a: The Accused must explicitly state why he or she believes an

appeal is warranted


3.      The committee recommended replacing the Faculty Conference material on p. 8.   Jeff Streator presented a revision of the faculty conference section.  The committee recommends the following changes to Jeff Streator’s revised text:

Take out “on behalf of the student,” since faculty can have witnesses


                        Add to 5: A Faculty Resolution will be reviewed by the Office of Student

Integrity.  OSI will review and approve and implement, modify and implement, or Open an investigation


                        Add item 6 from the original (version 2) text.


4.      Mitch Keller moved that we approve the document as amended.  Ray Vito seconded.  The motion passed unanimously.  (SRC member, Larry Jacobs, not able to be present voted for the revised code via proxy.)



The meeting adjourned at 3:55.


Submitted by Bill Drummond

November 21, 2006

Revised by Jeff Streator

November 27, 2006