Student Regulations Committee

March 29, 2007




Present:            Jeff Streator (Chair), Bill Drummond (Secretary), Mitch Keller (G student), Ray Vito, ME; Alex Wang (U student—substitute for Bobby Beaulieu)

                        Doug Williams, ECE (Executive Board Liaison), Bill Schafer (VPSA)


Guests:             None


  1. The minutes of February 22nd were approved unanimously.

  2. Pass/Fail policy:
    1. Alex presented the proposal.  Students may take a course P/F, do well, like the course, and want to take it for a grade.
    2. Ray suggested allowing them to change upward letter, but not downward to P/F.
    3. Ray suggested running this by the full group of academic advisors. 
    4. Jeff volunteered to contact Dana Hartley (Director of Undergraduate Academic Advising) and ask for feedback, and perhaps get on agenda for the next Advisors’ meeting.  Jeff will provide feedback to the Committee, and the Committee will vote by email.


Addendum( 4/19/2007):  After receiving feedback from Dana Hartley and Elizabeth Miller (chair of GTAAN) the SRC voted via e-mail on the proposal.  The proposal passed with a vote of 5 “for” and 2 “against.”

  1. Extracurricular activities
    1. The committee discussed a proposal to allow intercollegiate athletes to be eligible for competition if they are eligible to enroll in the next term.
    2. The current GT rule (probation prohibition) is more stringent than the NCAA rule. 
    3. It was decided we should talk to Dan Radakovich (Director of Athletics), Andy Smith (Vice Provost for Undergraduate Studies and Academic Affairs) to get more information before bringing to vote.
    4. Reta Pikowsky (the Registrar) to present again at our next meeting after input received from Andy and/or Dan.


Submitted by B. Drummond 3/29/2007

Revised by J. Streator 4/19/2007