Student Regulations Committee

March 5, 2009



Present:      Voting Members:              Jeff Streator (Chair), Bill Drummond (Secretary),Ray Vito, Corey Boone, Paul Benkeser, Mitch Keller

                  Non-voting Members:        Reta Pikowsky (Registrar), Bill Schafer (VSPA), Doug Williams (EB liaison)

                  Guests:                               Carole Moore (Provostís office), Robert McEntyre (Student government)

Absent:      Voting Members:               Parker Hancock, Miroslav Begovic, Naresh Thadhani

Non-voting members:        None


1.      The meeting began at 8:35 am.

2.      Syllabus policy

Corey Boone presented a summary of the Proposed Policy on Examinations, which added wording about Dead Week.  This is proposed material for the Faculty Handbook.  The Student Regulations committee will discuss these changes and make a recommendation to the Statutes committee. Paul Benkeser provided background information on this issue when it was discussed five years ago.   When the Student Bill of Rights was added to the regulations, the process by which it was added was unclear.


The committee members discussed the relationship between the Faculty Handbook and the Student Regulations and the need to maintain consistency between them.  The committee recommended a number of changes to the text of the document and a general consensus was reached as to the new policy


3.      Committee agendas


Ray Vito recommended that committee agendas be published ahead of time so stakeholders can see items.  Jeff Streator said that Carol and/or Ray can send the agendas to the Associate Deans.

4.      The meeting concluded at 9:30 am.


ADDENDUM to Minutes:   Conversations between Carole Moore and J. Streator subsequent to the meeting led to a change in approach.  It was decided to formulate recommendations on Examinations & Dead Week policy as a change to the Student Regulations (as opposed to the Faculty Handbook) and submit to the SRC for a vote.