Student Regulations Committee

February 26, 2008



Present:     Voting Members:              Jeff Streator (Chair), Bill Drummond (Secretary), Mitch Keller, Ray Vito, Larry Jacobs

                  Non-voting Members:       Reta Pikowsky (Registrar), Bill Schafer (VPSA)

                  Guests:                              Carole Moore (Asst. Vice Provost)

Absent:      Voting Members:              Peter McGuire, Thomas Habetler, Eli Riddle, Nikhil Dewan

Non-voting members:       Doug Williams (EB Liaison)


  1. The meeting began at 4:40 pm.

  2. The minutes of January 29, 2008 were approved.

  3. Cross enrollment and concurrent registration in the summer

    On this issue, Ray Vito was persuaded by Tom’s argument at the last meeting.  But with further thought he has concluded that when students are here on campus we, the faculty, have an obligation to advise them.  The prior arrangement fulfilled that obligation but the new one does not.   Thus Ray is not in favor of the SRC’s recommendation for the change in policy as voted on during the January 29th meeting.   He stated, and the committee concurred, that we should still track this change over the next year to insure it is not abused.

  4. Academic renewal

    This change is based on the University System of Georgia Board of Regents policy adopted in 1995.  The text of the full policy is available at

    The proposed new section 8 will be added after the existing section 7 under “VIII. Withdrawal from School and Readmission” in the current Rules and Regulations.

    The proposed Section 8a reads (taken from the USG policy):

    University System of Georgia undergraduate students who have been readmitted or reinstated after a period of absence of five (5) calendar years or longer are eligible for academic renewal. Academic renewal for the student signals the initiation of a new grade point average to be used for determining academic standing. This provision allows University System of Georgia degree-seeking students who earlier experienced academic difficulty to make a fresh start and have one final opportunity to earn an associate or bachelor's degree (BR Minutes, June, 1995, p. 7).  The complete policy is available online at:

    The proposed section 8b reads:

The application for academic renewal shall be considered as a petition to the undergraduate curriculum committee.

The Committee voted unanimously to recommend approval of the new sections.

The registrar’s office will develop a package of information for students and advisors that will include:

5. Academic standing

            Reta noted that a correction was made to the wording as contained in the online Official Catalogue.  The source of the error was clerical.  The following change is listed as an update (See:


            C. Academic Standing

3.             Good academic standing students not on academic probation are in good academic standing. Students not on academic probation are in good academic standing.



            The Committee briefly discussed the level of complexity with the general policy on academic standing and raised the question as to whether it could be simplified.  However, no motions were forthcoming.




Submitted by Bill Drummond 2/27/2008

Revised by J. Streator 4/15/2008