Student Regulations Committee

March 12, 2001




Members Present: D. Allen (Exec. Board Lia.),  R. Barke (PUBP); P. Benkeser (BME); E.K. Barefield (CHEM); D. Johnson, Chair (PUBP); E.W. Looney (Student); Jo McIver (Registrar); K. Spuller (Student); B. Walker (LIB); L. Wilcox (Student Affairs); Amy Bass Henry (Int’l Education)


Members Absent: W. Bullock (ARCH)



1.      The minutes of the February 14, 2001 meeting were approved.


2.      The chair reported that the phrase “Adopted by the University System of Georgia Board of Regents” will be deleted from the Student Bill of Rights in the 2001-2003 General Catalog.


3.      The committee discussed a proposal (see attachment) from the Office of International Education to require heath insurance coverage for international students and visiting scholars.  The committee recommended that the Office of International Education return to the committee at a later date with a more detailed proposal that includes references to similar policies that have been adopted at other universities.


4.      The committee discussed a proposal (see attachment) from the Mid-term Grade subcommittee of the JCEUL.  After some discussion, the committee unanimously recommended adoption of the following revision of the proposal:


Midterm grades will be submitted to the Registrar on all classes numbered 1000 and 2000 each term.  These grades will be used for the advisement of students, not for the calculation of any GPA at Georgia Tech.  Midterm grades will be S or U (a grade of U indicates that based on work completed to that point the student’s standing is in the D or lower range).  They will be submitted by midterm, as specified by the official calendar, and be available to students no later than the following Monday.


The above should be inserted in Section V.A.4, with all other items in Section V renumbered to reflect this insertion.



5.      The date of the next committee meeting was set for Monday March 26 from 1:30 – 3 pm in room 292 of the Success Center.