Student Regulations Committee

2007-2008 Annual Report


Meetings of the Committee

During Academic Year 2007-2008, the Student Regulations Committee (SRC) convened on the following meeting dates:  9-29-2007, 11-19-2007, 1-29-2008, 2-26-2008, and 4-15-2008.  Additionally, an e_mail ballot was conducted 11-21-2007 through 11-27-2007.


Issues before the Committee

The SRC considered several proposed changes to institutional regulations regarding graduate and undergraduate students.    The major issues considered by the SRC in are highlighted below (in order of consideration):


  1. Discussion of P/F proposal. 

Some discussion was held regarding the proposed change in the time allowed for students to elect the grade basis of a course.  This proposal had been remanded it to the SRC by the Academic Senate on May 1, 2006, primarily due to its potential for resulting in inadvertent scheduling problems for students. It was decided to consult with the Registrar and GTAAN regarding the capabilities of DegreeWorks (a software program that was planned for implementation in the near future) to alleviate the potential problems identified with the registration software.


  1. Grades and Scholastic Average. 

The SRC recommended adding wording to the Regulations to reflect the Institute practice of truncating the GPA after two decimal places for reporting on the transcript.


  1. Extracurricular Activities

The SRC recommended changes in the eligibility for participation in extracurricular activities:  the requirement of not being on Academic Probation was removed.


  1. Freshman Summer Session and the Grade Substitution Policy

The SRC recommended a change in the wording regarding the time frame of the Grade Substitution Policy to provide better clarity in the policy, which insures that participants in the Freshmen Summer Session would not be adversely affected in regards to their eligibility to seek grade substitutions in subsequent terms, as compared to non-participants in the Freshman Summer Session.


  1. Academic Standing—Probation & Dismissal for Unsatisfactory Scholarship

The SRC recommending a change in the wording of the Regulations to reflect the actual practice of the Office of the Registrar (as per the Banner software) that Probation and or Dismissal, as appropriate, would trigger when the GPA is below 1.00 rather than 1.00 or below.


  1. Admissions Policy

The SRC recommended changing the wording of the Regulations to reflect actual Institute practice—namely that the Office of Undergraduate Admission is responsible for all undergraduate admissions decisions.  The existing wording implied that the Executive Admissions Committee had the authority to make admissions decisions, which was incorrect. 


  1. Cross Enrollment and Concurrent Registration in the Summer

The SRC recommended providing Summer-term exceptions in the requirements to (1) obtain advance permission from the IUCC to concurrently register at Georgia Tech and another institution and (2) be either a junior or senior to participate in cross enrollment or concurrent registration. 


  1. Academic Renewal

The SRC recommended adding a section to the Regulations to document the BOR policy regarding Academic Renewal.  Additionally, the SRC recommended that the application for Academic Renewal be considered as a petition to the IUCC.



Resolution of Issues

All of the aforementioned recommendations of the SRC were approved by the Academic Senate.