Student Regulations Committee

2006-2007 Annual Report


Meetings of the Committee

During Academic Year 2006-2007, the Student Regulations Committee (SRC) convened on the following meeting dates:  9-7-2006, 9-14-2006, 9-28-2006, 10-12-2006, 11-2-2006, 11-16-2006, 2-22-2007 and 3-29-2007.


Issues before the Committee

The SRC considered several proposed changes to institutional regulations regarding graduate and undergraduate students.    The major issues considered by the SRC in are highlighted below (in order of consideration):


  1. Cross-registration and the International Plan. 

The SRC discussed adding wording the language regarding cross-registration and the International Plan (IP).   The SRC voted to recommend that special permission be granted to IP students only to cross enroll or register concurrently for courses in a language not offered at Georgia Tech as early as the second semester of enrollment. 


  1. Student Academic Grievance Procedure. 

The SRC considered a proposal from the students to modify the schedule of the grievance process by modifying the time that working co-op students or study abroad students have to formally file a grievance.  The Registrar agreed to explore the prospects of setting up a website to facilitate the initiation of the grievance process.  


  1. Attending Classes

      The SRC agreed to recommend changes in the wording restricting class attendance.


  1. Code of Conduct Revision

Several meetings were held in regards to the revision of the Student Code of Conduct as initiated by the Office of Student Integrity (OSI) in the Office of the Dean of Students.  The SRC interacted closely with Erika McGarity (Assistant Dean of Students & Director of Student Integrity) and worked through several iterations of the Code.   A final recommend version of the Code was agreed upon by the SRC at its 11/16/2006 meeting.   The recommended version of the Code was presented to the Academic Senate on 11/28/2006 and was approved.


  1. Pass-Fail Policy

A proposed changed to the Pass/Fail (P/F) policy was presented to the SRC by an undergraduate student leader.  The SRC discussed this policy at length and, after receiving some input from the Chair of GTAAN and the Director of Advising, voted (non-unanimously) in favor of recommending the proposed change.  The SRC recommendation was presented to the Academic Senate for approval on 5/1/2007.   The Academic Senate referred the issue back to the SRC for further consideration.


  1. Eligibility for Intercollegiate Athletics Competition

The SRC discussed a proposed change to the wording regarding the eligibility of students to compete in intercollegiate athletics.   Before taking any action on the proposed changed, the SRC sought feedback from Dan Radakovich (Director of Athletics) and Andy Smith (Senior Vice Provost for Academic Affairs). Recommendations from the SRC are pending.