Student Regulations Committee

February 14, 2001




Members Present: R. Barke (PUBP); P. Benkeser (BME); E.K. Barefield (CHEM); D. Johnson, Chair (PUBP); SJo McIver (Registrar); M. Power (Post Office); K. Spuller (Student); B. Walker (LIB); L. Wilcox (Student Affairs)


Members Absent: D. Allen (Exec. Board Lia); W. Bullock (ARCH); E.W. Looney (Student)



1.      The minutes of the January 31, 2001 meeting were approved.


2.      Pamela (Sissy) Rary, Senior Attorney in Legal Affairs, spoke with the committee regarding Georgia Tech’s current policy of using email as the “official point of contact”.  She saw no reason for concern over this policy, as it is simply a requirement that students check their GT email on a regular basis.  She pointed out that this would not preclude other forms of communication from being used if the sender was concerned about legal issues.   Based on this opinion, the committee saw no reason to recommend any changes to the current policy.


3.      The committee discussed an Executive Board request to look into the issue of some schools requiring class activities that appear to be in excess of the credits approved for the course.  The committee decided that this issue was not within its purview and recommended that it be referred to the Institute Undergraduate Curriculum Committee.


4.      Jo McIver agreed to present a proposal for midterm grades at the next committee meeting.


5.      The committee reviewed a bill approved by the Student Government Association that recommends creating a new student bill of rights.  The committee also discussed whether the faculty had ever approved the current student bill of rights.  Barbara Walker agreed to check institute records on the origins of the current bill of rights.  Deborah Johnson will also pursue this with the Secretary of the Faculty.  Both will report their findings to the committee at its next meeting.


6.      The date of the next committee meeting was set for Monday, March 12 from 1:30-3 PM.