Student Regulations Committee

November 30, 2000




Members Present:  Deborah Johnson (Committee Chair, Public Policy), Paul Benkeser (ECE/BMED), Kent Barefield (CHEM), Lee Wilcox (VPSA), Jo McIver (Registrar), Nate Watson (Student), Kim Spuller (Student)


Members Absent: Richard Barke (PUB POL), William Bullock (ARCH), Barbara Walker (LIBRARY), Doug Allen (Exec. Board Lia., (ARCH)



The Committee reviewed and discussed a proposal for a change in the wording of the policy on transfer admission from the Director of Admissions, Deborah Smith.  The Committee approved the change in the wording of policy contingent on the title of the policy being changed from “Policy on Competitive Transfer Admission” to “Policy on Transfer Admission.”


The Committee went through a complete draft of the catalogue text on student regulations.  The draft included proposals for extensive changes in wording.  These changes include changes in policy approved by the Committee and changes in wording to bring the catalogue up to date with actual practice. All of the changes approved by the Committee are reflected in the attached copy.