Student Regulations Committee


October 30, 2001



Members Present:  L. Barajas (G. Student); P. Benkeser (BME), Chair; R. Barke (PUBPOL); A. Larson (ME); N. Watson (UG Student); B. Walker (LIB); and L. Wilcox (Student Affairs)


Members Absent:  D. Allen (Ex. Board Liason); E.K. Barefield (CHEM); L. Jacobs (CEE); E.W. Looney (UG Student); and J. McIver (Registrar)



1.      The minutes of the September 20, 2001 meeting were approved.


2.      The Committee reviewed a proposal (attached) from Nate Watson to revise the Section XXIII (i.e. Student Bill of Rights) of the Student Rules and Regulations.  After a lengthy discussion, the Committee unanimously recommended that the following changes (addition, deletion) be made:


XXIII. Student Bill of Academic Rights


  1. The right to attend classes during regularly scheduled times without deviation from such time and without penalty if the student cannot attend instructional, lab, or examination hours not institutionally scheduled.
  2. The right to consult with an assigned and qualified advisor for a reasonable amount of time each term
  3. The right to transfer core curriculum within the University System.
  1. The right to receive an evaluation of academic performance in a class prior to the point at which one may withdraw from the course without penalty.
  2. The right to consult with faculty outside the usual classroom time such as regularly scheduled office hours or by appointment.
  3. The right to have reasonable access to campus facilities of which use is required to complete course assignments and/or objectives.
  4. The right to receive a syllabus for each course at the first class meeting.  The syllabus should include an outline of the course objectives, criteria used in determining the course grade, and any other requirements.  Students should be informed in writing or e-mail of any changes made to the syllabus with reasonable time to adjust to these changes.

The right to receive each term for each course a syllabus that outlines course objectives and requirements and to be informed of any changes in these syllabi at the beginning of each term.

  1. The right to have reasonable time to learn course material prior to the administration of an examination of timely review of lecture and/or reading material before a major examination is administered.
  2. The right of each student to receive access to any of his/her records kept by the institution.
  3. The right to have reasonable access to grading instruments and/or evaluation materials criteria and to have graded material returned in a timely fashion.
  4. The right to be informed of the grade appeals process.
  5. The right to have reasonable facilities in which to receive instruction and examinations.
  6. The right to be informed in each course of the definition of academic misconduct.