Student Regulations Committee

September 23, 2003




Present: Kent Barefield (CHEM), R. Barke (PUBPOL), L. Jacobs (CEE); Danny Puckett (UG Student); J. McIver (Registrar); B. Walker (LIB); and L. Wilcox (Student Affairs)


Absent: P. Benkeser (BME) and T. Habetler (ECE);


Guests: Ken Cunefare (ME) and Debbie Williamson (Registrar)



The absence of Paul Benkeser, chair, was noted to be due to illness.  The selection of a new chair for 2003-2004 was discussed and, in the absence of a volunteer, the matter was tabled until the next meeting.  Richard Barke served as acting chair at this meeting.

Issues likely to be considered by the Committee during the upcoming year were discussed, including grade substitution policy and a change in the date for withdrawal from a course.

Ken Cunefare from the Student Grievance Committee presented an issue for this Committee to address.  It is unclear under the Student Bill of Rights, as approved two years ago, whether violations of its provisions are actionable items and if so, what is the procedure for grievance.  Two grievances have been filed this year with the Student Grievance Committee, which has concerns about making policy by resolving individual cases.  In particular, Prof. Cunefare brought to this Committee's attention the problem of class action: any violation of the Student Bill of Rights that impacts one student is very likely to affect the entire class, so the scope of a grievance action might require addressing not only the harm alleged by one student, but all students in the course. 

After lengthy discussion about the benefits and weaknesses of various options that could be presented to students, the Committee decided to investigate further by reviewing the evolution and approval of the Student Bill of Rights and by asking for assistance from the Georgia Tech legal office.

A question was raised about whether the Committee's action last year on the statute of limitations on grade changes and grievances has been placed on the agenda for the Academic Senate.

The meeting adjourned at