Georgia Institute of Technology

Student Regulations Committee


December 13, 2012


Present: Parsons (BUS), Schaeffer (STU-AFFS), Stein (ODOS), Moore (PROVOST), Choi (BIOL), Carpenter (LIB), Khanduri (UStudent), Mosgrove (UStudent), Barke (PUBP), Chang (APPH), Pikowsky (REG)

Visitors: Cunefare (ME, Executive Board), Anderson (Communications and Marketing), Wolovick (Legal Affairs)

Committee Membership:

Voting Members:  Richard Barke (Public Policy, Recorder), Charles Parsons (Scheller College of Business, Chair), Jung Choi (Biology), Cathy Carpenter (Library), Amit Khanduri (SGA), Michael Mosgrove (SGA), Miroslav Begovic (ECE), Young-Hui Chang (Applied Physiology), Gareth Guvanasen (GSGA)

Nonvoting Members: Bill Schafer (Student Affairs), Reta Pikowsky (Registrar), Carole Moore (Provost’s Office), Andrew Lyon (Executive Board Liaison)

Note: All action items in these minutes require approval by the Academic Senate.  The units that enforce these rules and regulations should take no action on any of the items approved by the Committee until the action items and Minutes have been approved by the Academic Senate or the Executive Board.

1.       The committee convened at 8:35 am. 

2.      The Committee discussed a proposal to eliminate final examinations on Friday of Final Examinations week to accommodate scheduling of celebrations related to commencement.  After much discussion, the Committee came to the conclusion that making any changes in the final examination schedule possibly, actually likely, would create other problems for both students and faculty. 


Committee members wondered if it might make sense to put together an ad hoc group to discuss other options and all the related issues.  The Committee did not feel that it could endorse the proposal and suggested that more work needed to be done in terms of seeking out other possible options.


3.      The naming of student organizations was an agenda item circulated a few weeks ago.  Dr. Cunefare from the Executive Board was present to discuss the concerns related to this policy.



               Background from the Executive Board Chair


At the November 6, 2012 meeting of the Executive Board we heard a report     (attached) about instructions on the naming of student organizations that came out in an October newsletter from the Office of Leadership and Civic Engagement.  There was widespread concern expressed amongst the faculty members serving on the Executive Board as further explained in the attachment.  As a result, the Board passed the following motion unanimously to charge the Student Rules and Regulations committee, in concert with the            Student Activities Committee, to develop policies and procedures to permit student organizations to use “GT” in their names and marketing materials.  We would appreciate it if you would put this on your agendas at your earliest convenience.  We saw both committees as having a stake in this.  Student Regulations has reviewed and recommended changes in regulations on student organizations in recent years, and Student Activities reviews and approves student organization charters (which include organization names).


Prof. Ken Cunefare, a member of the Executive Board, will be our liaison to you on this matter, along with your usual Executive Board liaisons who are Andrew Lyon/Bob Kirkman and Micah Coleman, respectively.  Please address any questions on this particular issue to these gentlemen and they will in turn keep us posted on your progress.



                              Rick Neu

                              Executive Board Chair


After a lengthy discussion, Committee members determined, led by the student representatives at the meeting, that the issue could be resolved by changes in the charters for student organizations. 

All agreed that the cost and confusion of existing organizations being forced to change their names and marketing information was not be best option moving forward and that the student leadership could work with Student Affairs to resolve the confusion.

Legal Affairs representatives agreed that this could be resolved without being in conflict with other rules or regulations.


Follow-up from Bruce Henson, GT Library and SAC Chair

The Student Activity Committee (SAC) had this issue on its agenda yesterday (January 15, 2013) and invited Chuck Parsons to join us and give us a summary of the discussion about the issue at the December meeting of the Student Regulations Committee.

SAC agrees with the Regulations committee that the issue of how student organizations name their organizations should be referred to SGA, since it is clear that is where the regulation was stated.


The Student Regulations Committee will request an update from Student Affairs at its first meeting in the Spring term.




Dr. Charles Parsons, Scheller College of Business

Student Regulations Committee Chair