Georgia Tech Student Regulations Committee


December 1, 2011


Voting Members:  Richard Barke, Jung Choi, Cathy Carpenter, Charles Parsons, Young-Hui Chang, Mihir Pathak

Nonvoting Members: Bill Schafer, Carole Moore, Reta Pikowsky

 The committee convened at 8:35am.  The minutes of the November 10, 2011 meeting were approved.


The committee considered items provided by the Registrar.

 1. GRADE SUBSTITUTION    There has been an issue regarding whether grade substitutions could be petitioned.  Under the original policy, requests for grade substitutions that had not been achieved through the prescribed process were not petitionable, but that practice had been changed.  The Committee voted unanimously to retain the general idea of grade substitutions for first-time freshman students who receive a grade of D or F in a course within their first two terms in residence (first three terms for those who begin in the Freshman Summer Session).

            Another issue has been raised about the eligibility of transfer students to request grade substitutions.  The Committee voted unanimously that the current policy applies only to students in their first two (or three, for summer freshmen) semesters. 

            Current practice requires students to complete and submit a form for grade substitutions; the Committee was asked to consider whether the procedure should be automatic. The Registrar indicated that a message could be sent to all freshmen directing them to the necessary information about procedures and forms.  The Committee voted unanimously that the result of this process should not be petitionable (although the Registrar could consider unusual cases arising because of student illnesses or other misfortunes). Therefore, the Catalog (Section V.C., “Grade Substitution”) should add:  “6.  This policy is not petitionable.”

 2.   DEFINITION OF “UNSATISFACTORY”   The committee revisited section 46.4 of the Faculty Handbook and Section V of the Catalog (Rules and Regulations) where there are discrepancies about whether a “D” is to be designated as “Unsatisfactory” on midterm grades and “Pass” / “Fail” final grades.

The Committee voted unanimously to add the following underlined language to section 46.4 of the Faculty Handbook:  “Progress Report grades of ‘S’ or ‘U’ will be submitted to the Registrar on all classes numbered 1000 and 2000 each semester prior to midterm – typically on the sixth week of Fall and Spring semesters and the fifth week of the Summer Semester.  A Progress Report grade of ‘U’ indicates a performance level of ‘D’ or lower. These are not permanent grades and…”

To reduce confusion, the Committee voted unanimously to change the Catalog (Section V.A.2) to read:

“2.  The following grades will be used in the cases indicated and will not be included in the calculation of scholastic average:


3.   MAXIMUM SCHEDULE LOAD – The Committee unanimously endorsed a proposed addition to the Catalog, Section VI.D (Scholastic Regulations/Maximum Schedule Load):

“5.  During Phase I registration, the Institute reserves the right to limit undergraduate students to 18 credits maximum for Fall and Spring terms and graduate students to less than 21 hours depending upon the needs of the program or School.”


 4.  SECOND UNDERGRADUATE DEGREE  -- The Committee began a discussion of whether the General Education requirements will be considered to have been met if the institution where the first undergraduate degree was received is accredited by the appropriate regional body.


The meeting adjourned at 9:30am.