Georgia Tech Student Regulations Committee


October 21, 2010


Attending:         Voting Members:  Charles Parsons (chair),Richard Barke, Cathy Carpenter, Jung Choi, Austen Edwards (for Jimmy Williams, SGA), Brenda Morales (SGA)

Non-Voting Members: William Schaefer (AVP Student Affairs), Corey Boone (SGA), Carole Moore (Provostís Office), Ray Vito (Provostís Office), Anderson Smith (Provostís Office), John Miller (SGA), Joyce Weinsheimer (CETL)

Absent:             Miroslav Begovic, Naresh Thadhani, Kathy Schnure

1.  Chuck Parsons called the meeting to order at 8:35am.

2.  The minutes of the September 23 meeting were approved.

3.  Corey Boone, representing SGA, updated the status of the new Student-Faculty Expectations document and recommended that it be approved, to take effect in Fall 2011.  Austen Edwards presented the most recent version of the document. John Miller discussed SGA town halls on the draft, reporting that the reactions were ďgenerally positiveĒ with some concerns about implementation.  It was described that the primary goal of the document is to educate students and affect the campus culture, rather than to try to dictate behavior.  It was noted that some schools at Georgia Tech already have similar codes.

4.  After discussion, the committee voted unanimously to approve the document on Student-Faculty Expectations.  This document will replace the current Student Bill of Rights in Fall 2011.  The committee noted that the new document will not apply to graduate students until the committee chair is notified by the president of the Graduate Student Association of approval by that body.  If the GSA fails to endorse the Student-Faculty Expectations document, the current Student Bill of Rights will remain in effect for graduate students.

5.  Vice-Provost Vito informed the committee of a proposal to provide recognition by faculty of the most outstanding student in each class.  This designation would be at the instructor's discretion, and would appear on the student's transcript as a way of distinguishing the truly exceptional student from others who might also have earned an A grade.  This idea will be discussed further at a later meeting.

6.  Assistant Vice-Provost Moore noted that several elected/voting members of this committee have been absent from many meeting.  Chair Parsons indicated that the meeting time might not be suitable for all members' schedules.

7.  The meeting adjourned at 9:20am.




Richard Barke

School of Public Policy

Georgia Tech