Georgia Tech Student Regulations Committee


October 6, 2011



Voting Members:  Richard Barke, Jung Choi, Cathy Carpenter, Charles Parsons, Young-Hui Chang

Nonvoting Members: Bill Schafer, Andrew Lyon, Mihir Partha, Austen Edwards, Brooke McDaniel, Carole Moore


The committee convened at 8:40am.


The committee considered four items provided by the Registrar.


Three were discussed and tabled in anticipation of discussion with the Registrar:


·           VII.A.2 and VII.B.2:  Removal of deficiencies.  Complexities were noted in the proposed language.

·           VI.F.3:  Change of Major.  Currently students can choose to graduate under either the catalog requirements when they entered a major, or under the current catalog at the time of graduation.  It is not clear why this choice should be eliminated (by the proposed change).

·           Faculty Handbook 46.4 (Progress Report Grades) and V.A.2:  Grades and Scholastic Average.  The committee discussed whether a “D” must be designated as “Unsatisfactory” if V.A.1. indicates that a D is “passing.”  Also it was unclear whether the S/U system for midterm progress report grades is, or should be, synonymous with the designation of “Pass” or “Fail” for final grades.


The committee discussed and approved by unanimous vote a change in Exam Guidelines.  The current text “Each regularly scheduled lecture course of the Institute shall have a final examination which is to be administered at the time specified on the Final Exam Schedule.” is appended with “Students will have the full two hours and fifty minutes to complete the final, unless otherwise stated on the syllabus.  Students must be notified of any changes to the duration of the final exam at least two weeks before the first day of Finals Week.”


The meeting adjourned at 9:40am.