Georgia Tech Student Regulations Committee


September 13, 2012


Voting Members:  Richard Barke, Jung Choi, Cathy Carpenter, Charles Parsons, Andrew Lyon

Nonvoting Members: Bill Schafer, John Stein, Tanner Marcantel, Wendy Merkousko, Gary Wolovick

The committee convened at 8:30am. 

1.      The Committee approved the minutes of the August 30 meeting.

2.      The Dean of Students introduced proposed revisions to the Student Alcohol policy, intended primarily to update and clarify existing policy. The proposals were vetted through the Student Affairs Committee and Legal Services.  The significant changes were:

a)    Move the phrase “dangerous drug” from the Preface to Section B where the term is defined.

b)    Update the provision for the President’s Office to make exceptions, now allowing the “Office of the President or designee” to make exceptions.

c)    Update the names of officers’ titles and GT offices as appropriate

d)    Under A.h., change from a wristband method of monitoring underage students at events to the designation of an area at an event where alcohol is being served.

To clarify the intent of this policy, it was suggested that the document title be changed from “Student Alcohol Policy” to “Student/Student Organizations Alcohol Policy.” This recommendation was approved unanimously by the Committee.  With this change, the policy was approved unanimously by the Committee with the understanding that only minor changes would be made before the policy is officially promulgated.

The meeting adjourned at 9:00am.


Richard Barke

School of Public Policy

Georgia Tech