Georgia Tech Student Regulations Committee


August 30, 2012



Voting Members:  Richard Barke, Jung Choi, Cathy Carpenter, Charles Parsons, Young-Hui Chang, Andrew Lyon

Nonvoting Members: Bill Schafer, Reta Pikowsky, Wendy Merkousho



The committee convened at 8:35am. 


1.  The Committee introduced themselves, then re-elected Chuck Parsons as chair, and Richard Barke agreed to continue as secretary (with Reta Pikowsky as backup).

2.   It was noted that items to be considered at the October 23 meeting of the Academic Senate need to be brought to the attention of the Executive Board by its September 25 meeting to be placed on the agenda.  The Secretary of the Faculty has asked for an annual report from this Committee to be approved at the October 23 Senate meeting.

3.  Pending items were discussed, with items likely to be forthcoming from Student Affairs and the Registrarís office.  No proposals were on the table and no actions were taken.

4.  The Committee agreed that Thursdays at 8:30 generally are a good meeting time for this semester.



The meeting adjourned at 9:00am.