Georgia Tech Student Regulations Committee
August 30, 2010


Attending:       Voting Members:  Richard Barke, Cathy Carpenter, Jung Choi, Chuck Parsons, Jeffrey Streator

Non-Voting Members: Reta Pikowsky (Registrar), Jimmy Williams (SGA), Brenda Morales (SGA)

Absent:            Miroslav Begovic, Naresh Thadhani, Kathy Schnure

1. Jeffrey Streator noted the presence of a quorum and convened the meeting at 9:30am.

2. The first item of business was selecting a new committee chair.  One nomination was received: Chuck Parsons.  He was elected as chair for 2010-11.  Richard Barke was nominated and elected as secretary for 2010-11.

3.  Several meeting times were proposed; an email will be circulated to determine the best day and time for Fall meetings.

4.  The Registrar mentioned several items likely to be on the agenda for the Committee this year.  It was noted for the new members that minutes of last year’s meetings are posted on the web.

5.  The meeting adjourned at 9:50am.



Richard Barke

School of Public Policy

Georgia Tech