Student Regulations Committee Meeting


August 29, 2013



Present: Charles Parsons (Faculty and SR Chair), Carole Moore (Provosts’ Office),

Reta Pikowsky (Registrar), Richard Barke (Public Policy), Bill Schafer (VPSA)

Young-Hui Chang (APPH), Al Ferri (ME)


The meeting was opened at 8:37am.


1.       A question regarding Grade Substitution policy was distributed by the Registrar.  No action was requested.

2.      The committee re-elected Charles Parsons as Chair and Richard Barke as Secretary; the latter noted that he will be teaching abroad in early 2014 and the committee agreed to find a replacement as needed.

  1. The committee tentatively agreed on Friday, second week of each month, as a meeting time for Fall semester. The chair will find a suitable space and confirm the meeting schedule.
  2. There was a discussion of the “in residence” requirement of the grade substitution policy, but it was intended that the committee members consider the issue and make a decision at a future meeting.
  3. The meeting adjourned at 9:15am.




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Richard Barke