Student Regulations Committee Meeting
Feb. 10, 2011


Charles Parsons (Faculty and SR Chair)

Vladimir Oge (Director of Health Programs)

John Stein (Dean of Students)

Jimmy Williams  (SGA)

Carole Moore (Faculty and Provosts Office)

Reta Pikowsky (Registrar’s Office)

Cathy Carpenter (Library)

Robert  Simon (Registrars Office)

Kathy Schnure (SGA)

Jung Choi (Faculty Biology)

Brenda Morales (SGA)

Christopher Schmidt (Office of Student Integrity)

William Schafer , VP Student Services


The meeting was opened at 8:35

1.       Christopher Schmidt introduced suggested wording changes to Student Code of Conduct concerning the rules and interpretation of hazing.  The recommended wording was amended with a substation of the word, “responsibility” for the word “Expectation”.   The original and approved revised language is in the attached file Student Organization Code of Conduct Hazing Change (2).  The revision and development of this policy had  involvement from Tech Legal Affairs. 


2.      Reta Pikowsky proposed some changed wording the Grade Substitution Policy.  The intent was to not allow students to use Grade Substitution for a course in which there had been academic misconduct. The proposed language is : A course is not eligible for grade substitution if the student was found responsible for any academic misconduct in that course regardless of how many times it is repeated. The committee approved, in principle, the change and the language above was circulated by Reta.  By approving these minutes, the committee will have approved the specific language.  Document attached as Grade Substitution Policy Revision from Reta



3.       Christopher Schmidt from the Office of Student Integrity proposed adding a ‘Provision’ to the Campus Alcohol Policy.  This provision is called the “Good Samaritan Provision- Alcohol Only” and allows the Institute to excuse a student who has assisted another student whose judgment or health is severely affected due to alcohol consumption   The assisting student may be excused from Institute or Housing Disciplinary Action.  The Student Conduct Administrator or Housing Judicial Administrator would render the judgment as to whether the excusal is justified.  Document approved as presented and will be attached when submitted to Academic Senate

This provision was unanimously approved by the committee.

4.       Reta Pikowsky  requested that the committee be involved in considering the viability of the existing policy on end of term re-examination for students planning to graduate .  This will be taken up at a future meeting.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:35.