February 2, 2012

Attending: Charles Parsons, Young-Hui Chang, Jung Choi, Cathy Carpenter, Richard Barke

Guests:  Cara Appel-Silbaugh, John Stein, Bill Schafer

The meeting convened at 8:35am.

The minutes of the December 2011 meeting were approved.

1.      Sexual Misconduct/Code of Conduct

Questions were prompted by a "Dear Colleague" letter from the Office of Civil Rights, indicating that Georgia Tech was in compliance but some documents required clarifications and cleanup.

a.       The Dean of Students submitted proposed changes (dated January 31, 2012) to the "Georgia Tech Policy on Student Sexual Misconduct, Sexual Harassment, Stalking and Intimate Partner Violence (Approved April 27, 2010)" and to the Student Code of Conduct.

Several minor editorial corrections were suggested

         Language in Section E (Intimate Partner Violence) was discussed, particularly with regard to ambiguity in the term "dating relationship"

         Section G (Reporting Procedures) was reworded and further descriptors were suggested for complainants' rights

         Section H (Complainant's Rights) was altered for clarifications. The proposed changes were amended to insert "Not to have" before the phrase "Have mediation imposed as a resolution process."

         Section K (Appeals) was amended to insert a paragraph break before the phrase "Appeals will be considered for the following reasons" for clarification.

With the alterations noted above the Committee voted unanimously to approve the suggested changes in the January 31, 2012 submission.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:20am.


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School of Public Policy, Georgia Tech. 404.894.8282