2011-2012  Annual Report

Student Regulations Committee

Meetings of the Committee

During Academic Year 2011-2012, the Student Regulations Committee (SRC) convened on the following meeting dates: 9-15-2011, 10-6-2011, 11-10-2011, 12-1-2011, and 2-2-2012.  

Members of the Committee

Charles Parsons (chair), Richard Barke, Miroslav Begovic, Cathy Carpenter, Young-Hui Chang, Jung Choi, Reta Pikowsky (Registrar), William Schafer (VPSA), Austen Edwards (U’Grad Student), Brooke McDaniel (U’Grad Student), Mihir Pathak (Grad. Student), Andrew Lyon (Executive Board Liaison)

Issues before the Committee

The SRC considered several proposed changes to Institute regulations regarding graduate and undergraduate students.  The major issues considered by the SRC in are highlighted below (in order of consideration):


1. The committee approved new language concerning final exam guidelines.  The existing language text is “each regularly scheduled lecture course of the Institute shall have a final examination which is to administered at the time specified on the Final Exam Schedule”  The committee approved amending this with the additional statements “Students will have the full two hours and fifty minutes to complete the final, unless otherwise stated on the syllabus.  Students must be notified of any changes to the duration of the final exam at least two weeks before the first day of Finals.” 


2. The committee approved a standard definition of  “good standing” by referring to the GT catalog definition which is “as student not on academic probation.”  The registrar’s website was changed to be consistent with this definition.

Approval of change of major degree requirements to read: “Students who change their majors must complete the degree requirements in the Catalog that was effective for the term in which the change of major became official, or any subsequent catalog.”


3. For grade substitution requests, the committee approved that this provision only applies to students in their first two (or three, for summer freshmen) semesters in residence. The committee also endorsed unanimously that the results of this process are not petitionable although the Registrar could consider unusual circumstances arising from student illness or other misfortune.  Thus Section V.C., grade substitution, should add the phrase “6. This action is not petitionable.”


4. Voted unanimously to adopt language concerning midterm reports;  a grade of U indicates a performance level of D or lower.  Additionally, language concerning S/U grading was changed:  “A grade of S means satisfactory performance in a course, U means unsatisfactory performance in a course.”


5.  The Committee unanimously endorsed a proposed addition to the Catalog, Section VI.D (Scholastic Regulations/Maximum Schedule Load):  “5.  During Phase I registration, the Institute reserves the right to limit undergraduate students to 18 credits maximum for Fall and Spring terms and graduate students to less than 21 hours depending upon the needs of the program or School.”


6. The committee considered a report from the Dean of Students concerning changes to the Georgia Tech policy on Sexual Misconduct, Sexual Harassment, Stalking, and Intimate Partner violence which had been earlier approved (April 27, 2010).  Several changes in wording were recommended concerning a complainant’s rights and the term, “dating relationship.”

Prepared by C. Parsons

2010-2012 Chair, SRC