Student Regulations Committee Annual Report for 2010-11

Meetings of the Committee

During Academic Year 2010-2011, the Student Regulations Committee (SRC) convened on the following meeting dates: 8-30-2010, 9-23-2010, 10-21-2010,2-10-2011, and 3-31-2011.  Additionally, an e-mail ballot was conducted 4-1-2011 through 4/8/2011.

Issues before the Committee

The SRC considered several proposed changes to Institute regulations regarding graduate and undergraduate students.    The major issues considered by the SRC in are highlighted below (in order of consideration):


  1. Document on Student-Faculty Interactions

This document was meant to provide guidance to students and faculty as far as mutual expectations for personal and classroom conduct.† Its intent was to replace the Student Bill of Rights which was seen as a student-rights centered document and substitute a document that emphasized faculty and student expectations that would be conducive to enhanced learning both in and out of the classroom

  1. Review and approval of Good Samaritan document

This document was meant to clarify the role and protect the rights of campus members who assist other campus members who are incapacitated or intoxicated. This was a discussion about good practices and was not intended to constitute a policy statement.

3.      Approval of wording change to the Grade Substitution† policy

Purpose here was to eliminate multiple attempts when academic misconduct was involved.

4.      Review and approval of HAZING definition

1.      This language was changed in the Student Code of Conduct and intended to clarify the meaning of hazing as it applied to campus organizations

5.      Elimination of re-examination to remove a single deficiency necessary for graduation

1.      This policy change was approved because there have been inconsistencies in application across campus, misunderstanding and misconceptions exist about how and when the policy may be applied, and there is a reasonable belief was that there are alternative means of accomplishing the same desired outcome if deemed necessary. Through the Registrarís Office working with the academic units and others on campus, assistance can be provided for students in determining the best and appropriate options for completing the last requirement for graduation.

6.      Approval of the revised Facilities Use policy covered in agenda.

1.      This revised document was prepared to clarify the procedures for using campus facilities for non-scheduled classroom activities.

The SRC recommended several changes to the policy regarding examinations and major projects during dead week.  The thrust of the changes was to provide additional clarity of expectations and to allow student more time to prepare for final exams.

Prepared by C. Parsons

2010-2011 Chair, SRC