Student Regulations Committee

2003-2004 Annual Report



The members of the Committee were: D. Anderson (UG Student),  J. Benin (Grad Student), K. Barefield (CHEM), R. Barke (PUBPOL), P. Benkeser (BME) – Chair, G. Di Sabatino (Student Affairs), L. Jacobs (CEE), T. Habetler (ECE)D. Kang (UG Student), J. McIver (Registrar), and B. Walker (LIB)


The Committee met four times during the year.  The Committee recommended, and the Academic Senate subsequently approved the following changes to the Student Rules and Regulations:

  1. Added a time limit to the filing of an academic grievance
  2. Required a minimum C grade for acceptance of credit for cross/concurrent-registered courses
  3. Allowed for the change of W grades to F based on academic misconduct
  4. Established of a “curriculum year” with common effective date for curriculum changes
  5. Changed minimum waiting time of one term, rather than one semester, following academic dismissal
  6. Revised calculation of academic standing for students with a term GPA of less than 1.00
  7. Required completion a minimum of 60 hours in residence for academic honors
  8. Revised the dates for withdrawal from courses and mid-term grades.


Unfinished business includes minor changes to item 6 above requested by the Registrar and further consideration of a proposed grade substitution policy.