Academic year 2007-2008 (Summer 2007 through Spring 2008)





The Committee consists of 12 faculty members and 9 students (6 undergraduate; 3 graduate).  Elected Faculty members: H. Ayhan (ISYE), M. Axford (Library), T. Balch (CC), V. Birchfield (INTA), J. Gole (Physics), B. Leland (LCC), J. Michaels (ECE). S. Mitra (Mgt), G. Persons (PubPol), S. Ruffin (AE), C. Senf (Chair, LCC), K. Tomajko (Library).




On January 8, 2007 OSI implemented a new Student Code of Conduct that was approved by the Senate.  The primary change is the use of a distinction between high- and low-level cases, with all low-level cases subject only to administrative resolution.  Students accused in high-level cases may choose an administrative resolution or a hearing before the Honor Committee. In addition, low-level appeal cases go to the Dean of Students and high-level cases go to the Senior Vice Provost for Academic Affairs.


Total Cases Adjudicated                             

            Resolved Administratively (OSI) Low          213

            Resolved Administratively (OSI) High          16

            Faculty Conference Resolution                       49

            Heard by Honor Committee                             7

            Appeals to Dean of Students (Low)               33

Appeals to Vice Provost (High)                         2

Appeals to Board of Regents                2

TOTAL                                                           322


Administrative Resolution

            Responsible                                                     174

            Not Responsible                                              55


Faculty Conference Resolution

            Responsible                                                      47

            Not Responsible                                                 2


Honor Committee                 

            Responsible                                                         4

            Not Responsible                                                  3



Cases by College

Architecture (0), Computing (13), Engineering (78), Management (5), Ivan Allen (24), Sciences (94), Other (4). TOTAL 218. This compares to 347 for 2006-2007.



Respectfully submitted,

Carol Senf, Chair