Academic year 2011-2012 (Summer 2011 through Summer 2012)





The Committee consists of 12 faculty members and 9 students (6 undergraduate; 3 graduate). Elected Faculty members: Christos Alexopoulos, Mary Axford, David Bucknall, Cathy Carpenter, Hugh Crawford, James Gole, Joe Le Doux, Blake Leland, Milos Prvulovic, Christine Ries, Olufisayo Omojokun, Fei-Ling Wang. Students: Tanner Blumer, Marina Leynse, Eran Mordel, Nathan Sacks, Chris Stolz, Alex Walker, Boris De Souza, Michael Kirka, John Semmens. Executive Board Liaison: David White.


Statistics: The committee followed the Student Code of Conduct approved by the Senate on January 8, 2007. Students may choose an administrative resolution or a hearing before the Honor Committee.  The Student Conduct Administrator may also choose to send the student to the Honor Committee upon investigating the case.  All appeals must first go to the Dean of Students.  Students sanctioned with Suspension or Expulsion have the right to appeal to the President and then to the Board of Regents.


Total Cases Adjudicated                             

Resolved Administratively (OSI) Total          275

Heard by Honor Committee   5

            TOTAL          280     


Administrative Decision

            Responsible                 207                                                     

            Not Responsible          68                                          


Faculty Conference Decision

            Responsible                 31                                

            Not Responsible          0                                                         


Honor Committee Decision             

            Responsible                 2                                                                                 

            Not Responsible          3


Appeals Made

Appeals to Dean of Students 39                    # of successful appeals            22

                                                                        # of successful appeals*         3

Appeals to President                   2                             # of successful appeals            1

Appeals to Board of Regents 0                      # of successful appeals            0


Cases by College


Architecture (8), Computing (62), Engineering (101), Management (28), Ivan Allen (12), Sciences (136), Other (3). TOTAL 350.



*in which decision was remanded to Honor Committee



Respectfully submitted,

Blake Leland, Chair